Schedule / Results

2019 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down

Decided to make another comeback tour! Rebuilt entire car and fresh Pettit engine.

Spring Sizzler — Initial running problems, but pretty fast once the bugs sorted out, but only got 4 practices before Sizzler rainout.

First Friday Night — On Saturday, started 18th up to 5th by 9 laps to go, caution comes out, told to restart back in 6th/outside, going to make the move to take back 5th, got rear-ended by Dave Wray so hard it lifted the rear end off the ground, turned Ed right in fron of Arute who t-boned passenger side door, putting the 77 up on the wall at the starter stand and riding into the infield entry. Came off, shot across to turn 1 exit and hit a ton, knocking Ed out and completely destroying the car. Well, after a long and busy summer and some much appreciated help from Joe Hamm putting on a new front and completely rebuilding the car again we made the final Friday night show. We missed the first practice but with the 1 remaining practice and the qualifying heat race to adjust with, from a 16th place start we ended up with a 5th place finish — that could have been 3rd but we let 2 cars by that were thought to be a lap down — but 5th in this class coming back from completely destroyed is as close to a cinderalle story as you could ask for.

We also made the Fall Final and with a bit more adjustment time we got her running really well — 5th fastest in times — qualified in the heat race , started 15th again, but got the left rear taken out on the second lap. Got in and changed under caution and came from dead last (26th) up to 6th, but with only 5 or 6 laps left a caution came out. Restarted on the outside, got trained back to 11th and fought back to 8th — almost 7th by a bumper at the line — in one piece.

Well, we have some work to do in the off season, but we look forward to the Spring Sizzler 2020 — our 20th year at Stafford — and hope to have better luck and are able to run the full season. Wish us luck, see you at the Sizzler! - Al

2016-18 Racing Seasons

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
2016-18       No racing for 3 years (felt real weird) all due to what seemed like endless family and personal medical issues, including the loss of my sister, Ed's dad Ed Sr., my father and my wife's father — 9 days apart in March of '18 — my wife's mom a couple months later, several very close friends and extended family, and more recently culminating in my own pacreatic cancer diagnosis in Sept. '18

2015 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
2015       Unfortunately at this time, I do not have a race by race report for 2015. However, we made every race but 1, only 1 race outside top 10, over 1/2 top 5's with 3 3rd place podiums resulting in 6th in points! Not bad for our first comeback tour!

2014 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
2014       First full points season off since 1996, due primarily to family illness.

2011 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
9/9/11   last 9 Hello everyone and thanks for checking in, Friday night Sept 9th was a pretty good one for us. We have been continually improving on the car and we now have it back into top 10 speed wise and very drivable. It was also Ed’s 40th birthday. We had no qualifiers due to tour modifieds time trial qualifying; so again with no handicap started at the rear of the field. By lap 20 Ed was taking 12th position and the car he was going under in turn 3 & 4 chopped across his nose and we spun into the infield. With no caution by the time he got her going again we were a lap down but fortunately having the lucky dog rule in our favor, we got a caution in a couple of laps and we were able to pass the pace car and get back to the tail end of the lead lap. From there Ed mustered a good charge through the pack to end up with a 9th place finish. All in all a good Friday night Thanks again, Al
8/26/11   16 DNF Our Friday the 26th evening started out very well, having made significant changes to the car, setup wise, we gained about a ½ second a lap in speed – (a lot). Feature wise we started 16th and had gotten into the top 10 when we started developing a brake problem – fronts hanging up – that eventually forced Ed to park the car with only 2 laps to go resulting in our first DNF in years. Always looking for the positives at least we know our setup was going in the right direction and our speeds were up – hopefully next week will be better once our brake situation is resolved.
8/5/11   last 18 We returned to the track for the next race (due to rainout) Friday august 5th, we only had 2 practice sessions, no qualifiers due to Tour Modifieds. Started dead last again – still no handicap only 2nd race - and proceeded to run a very rare green to checker race and by the time things sorted out we were only able to muster an ‘18th’ place finish! Again also we are still working with our new tires and setup so hopefully our speeds will continue to improve.
7/22/11 last last 9 Well of course we had to pick the hottest day on record to make our return to the track. We showed up with a completely different set up and had to acquire our new spec tires that we hadn't even seen yet to contend with as well as the heat. We worked our practice sessions and treated our qualifier as practice as well. With no handicap we started dead last, but with some more adjustment and some good driving and wreck avoidance on Ed's behalf we ended up with a 9th place finish and a car that could be driven back into the trailer- always a big plus. All things considered we are very happy with the result, we will work to make the car better over the next week or two and hopefully have an even better result next time!

2010 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
9/10/10   last DNF Started last, moved up to 7th. Red flag 4 laps to go, distributer failed to restart
8/13/10   16 6  
8/6/10   last 10  
7/30/10   last 10  
7/2/10   last 7  
5/21/10 8 last 16 Hello everyone and thanks for checking in. Well it was good to be back, being our 1st race of the season. We had the handling as good as it could be, Ed was driving exceptionally well but the old 77 is seriously down on power to the new spec motors and we are also in need of some other new allowed up grade parts, hopefully at least the power part will be rectified soon. Heat race started last, picked up some positions + back again after restart, finished 8th. Started last in the feature, got as high as 11th, however we were involved in 6 different incidents, in the pits 3 times and still managed a 16th place finish, all in all not to shabby all things considered. Well thanks again for checking in, hopefully we will have more power next time. Al

2009 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
9/25/09   18 9 Finally got the old 77 back together again. Qualified in our heat race to start 18th for the feature. Got into a wreck in turn 2 on 2nd lap, got her straightened back out and from the very back of the pack ended up with a 9th place finish - not bad all things considered. Hope to do more next year! Thanks for checking in.
4/26/09   9 18 Got her back together to run as much as possible on very limited funds. Qualified in our heat race to start 9th in the feature. After several runs in & out of the top 10, looked like we would end up 7th or 8th but with 3 laps to go Ed got turned coming out of 4, backed into the wall @ full speed then got hit by at least 4 other cars, Ed got his bell rung, car destroyed, credited with 18th.

2008 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
1-Jun       Hello everyone and thanks for checking back in, Well once again I have to start with apologies. Those of you who follow us know that for starters we have not updated stats for quite a while. The end of last season finished off only slightly better than our last update mid august, we missed our goal of getting back into top 10 in points by 2 for 11th. Over the off season we learned of major rule changes in our division - mainly tube frame & spec motor coming into the picture for the 09 season. For us that meant the new chassie we started not to mention our motors would be obsolete at the end of 08 and with almost no budget to speak of we all decided that the best thing to do would be to run a select few races this year with our current primary car and hope to gear up to get a new spec. car together for comeback tour in 09 again with intent & focus on championship. Several things do have to happen to be able to achieve this but we will be doing our best. As for the select few races this year we will have to keep you posted - hopefully the first of which will be end of July 4th but possibly not to the 13th, we will post it when sure. Well thanks again for checking in, we weill try to keep it going and keep the updates coming. Thanks, Al

2007 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
8/11/07 N/A 1st DNF Hi folks and thanks for checking in. First I want to start by apologizing for not keeping you up to date the last couple of weeks. We have been experiencing more difficulties and bad luck this season than the last several combined which has been affecting us in many ways - not least of which - time. As you know from last reports we had motor problems during the 100 lap race with our primary motor, which led us to run the backup for several races in which it's 1st 2 runs it did ok, double feature Friday started showing it's age and it's 5th run Aug. 4th between the smoking and eventual over heating we were not even able to finish. Well we got our primary motor back in- with thanks to Ed's parents to help foot the bill- and we finally had some motor back to work with on the 11th which due to tour mods ran Saturday with no qualifiers. Well we started on the pole due to handicap and our previous week DNF and we were optimistic that we had something to work with but before the 1st lap was even over Ed was dumped in 3 + 4 and the whole front of the field piled into us leaving bent wheel studs & axels forcing another DNF. Well we are going to keep doing our best even though money has been almost non-existent, economics’ had us lose a primary sponsor, and the extra time and effort put in by much of the crew; both of which- truly testing the make up of this team in the face of such adversities. Well once again thanks for checking in and please wish us luck, as it has seemed to be nonexistent for us this year. Al
7/20/07 4th 3rd 7th Friday July 20th went pretty well, got a 4th fast in practice and ran from 5th to 4th in the qualifying heat. Feature had us starting 3rd but due to drop backs we started 1st. Ed was passed early by the 48 which did have the best pace of the day and ran right with him for the 1st 10 or so laps till 1st caution. Starting outside set us back to 5th before settling in and ran comfortably in the lead group but unfortunately being victims of low budget / on old tires our RR started to go away allowing 5th & 7th to catch up; one of which administered a little chrome horn to Ed to move him out of the way and we ended up 7th.
7/13/07 3rd 5th N/A Friday July 13th went pretty good all things considered. Practice we spent adjusting the car for the different power curve of our backup motor and were inside the top 10 by 2nd round. We ran from 5th to 3rd in the heat race. They started us as the last feature; Ed ran from 5th to 2nd in the first lap. The caution, 2nd lap, looked like he had something for Tom Butler on pole. Then yellow went to red for rain. Double feature unannounced as of yet for make up
7/6/07 4th 7th dnf Friday July 6th was not very kind to us. We were reasonably quick in practice (Top 10) and qualified in our heat race. We started the feature 7th and got up to 3rd in early running, however the car just got slower seeming to lack power, - good temp & oil pressure - but on lap 65 she blew & locked solid. We will keep you up to date, see you next week with our backup motor...
6/29/07 4th 7th 5th Started off well with top 10 speeds in practice and ran from 6th to 4th in the qualifying heat. Feature had us starting 7th. Moved up then got shuffled back a ways, but due to an excellent wreck avoidance by Ed we restarted 6th after yellow and ended up 5th. Hope for good luck in the 100 lapper next week.
6/22/07       -- Rained out --
6/15/07 dnq 18th 10th Missing crew chief and some crew members which caused some problems in the car not to get resolved thus the car ended upunderpowered. Dealt with a lot of mayhem- many cautions and wrecks but still mangaged to come out with 10th.
6/8/07 n/a 6th 26th Sorry Friday the 8th went nowhere near as well as the 1st. Our car was good in practice, scuffed in a new set of tires for next week in 2nd practice. No qualifiers due to Busch North time trials. Started 6th & got hung out for a while; dropped in line to come back to 9th with caution. After the restart Ed got hung out side behind a slowing competitor and in a mad dash effort to close the hole that he had left for Ed to be dropped into- drove in over his head and used him as a berm slamming him into the turn 2 wall. Ed continued but had not realized climbing temps due to disconnected fan wires from impact. When he called in the climbing temps before he could get in the lower radiator hose blew and ended our night 6 laps to go- got 26th.
6/1/07 1st POLE 3rd Friday June 1st finally started to get back to the way we expect to run. We were able to make continual improvements to the car through practice and ran from 5th to take the win in our qualifying heat. Feature had us starting on the pole; however even with a good jump on the start, Ed fending off the aggressions of the 3rd place car, allowed Scott Cook around for the lead. We kept 2nd most of the race but sand on the track in turn 1 from someone's off slipped Ed up a notch and allowed the 3rd place car by to take over 2nd and that's how it finished up. It's good to get back on the podium and give our crew and hopefully our fan's some renewed faith.
5/25/07 - 3rd 7th Well we only had one practice to shake down our completely rebuilt & regone through driveline and figure out setup for feature as we also had no qualifiers due to the Tour Mods being there. It did go pretty well however and ended up with a hard fought 7th place finish...
5/18/07       - Rained out -
5/11/07   last 25th Snapped a drive shaft in half and cracked housing on trannie during practice. Thanks to a lot of hard work by the crew and a borrowed shaft and trannie we were able to make it out for the race. However there was still a significant vibration and we had to make the tough decision to quit. Better luck next go...
5/4/07 2nd 2nd 8th The first Friday night show of the season went better than the sizzler for us after rectifying our rotor problem. The car stayed top 10 in practice and went from 6th to 2nd in the qualifying heat race. In the feature we started 2nd and had the lead in a couple of laps and Ed was running away convincingly when our 1 & only caution came out. A few laps in after the restart Scott Foster was able to get a nose under Ed that started a train under him and could not get back in line until we were back in 12th; but then was able to regroup and rally back to an 8th place finish.
4/27-4/29 4th 1st 13th Hope everyone's off season went well. We have been eagerly anticipating the spring sizzler ant the start of the '07 season as I am sure many of you have as well. We had started to build a new chassis but as time and funds ran short we had to shift concentration to our primary car. We started out well in open practice ending the day 2nd fastest in the 21.9's. Sizzler weekend rained out Friday, practice (1) and qualified in our heat on Saturday. Sizzler Sunday we had the mixed blessing of starting on the pole, but to our dismay found that our new rotors had warped so bad that Ed could barely hold the wheel under braking, but did the best he could to hold on for 13th - our worst Sizzler finish in years. Well needless to say we are switching brands of rotors - the old ones were parts we trusted for years that all of a sudden came in Asian cardboard, most likely farmed out due to the almighty dollar at the cost of quality.We will be back in form on Friday.

2006 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
10/27/06-10/29/06 1st 7th 6th Friday practice for make up - Cold & fast started with 21.8's then a 21.7 and 21.6's last couple - personal bests. Saturday - rained out - surprise… Sunday- Pit party went well. Thank you all for coming and your show of support. Last feature of the day, very cold and windy on tour mod feature rubber, started 6th with a car set to come in on the long run, back slid a few spots back when just after a late race caution we got dumped in the middle of 1 & 2, restarted dead last. With a couple of great avoidances on behalf of Ed they flew through the field for a 6th place finish which put us 6th in points for the year- Not bad all things considered. Thank you again to all of our fans & loyal supporters. Check in again through the off season. We will try to keep you up to date.
9/29/06-10/1/06       Friday practice stayed in top 5 speeds all day 21.8's + .9's. Saturday qualified from 6th to 2nd in our heat. Sunday rained out.
9/22/06   5th 15th Ran 2nd & 3rd fast in practice, finished 2nd from 6th in qualifier. Started 5th- inside for once- was short lived however. Ed got her up to 2nd in 2 laps just in time for the 1st caution and 1st out side restart of several - with perpetual outside shuffle best we could muster was 15th.
9/8/06   7th    
9/1/06 1st 10th 7th No qualifier due to impending weather. Started race 10 with very fast car picked our way up to 7th after multiple yellow flags. Tie for 7th in points.
8/25/06 n/a 14th 11th 8/25 2nd fast in practice, qualifier cancelled due to impending weather. Feature started 14th, worked up to 8thoutside restart, made it back up to an 11th finish during caution shuffled us back to about 14th made it back up to an 11th finish. We will keep up the good fight. Thanks for checking in.
8/18/06 4th 8th 7th 8/18 3rd fast both practices In qualifier was 8th to 4th feature started 8th up to 4th fell back to around 12th fought back for a 7th place finish. Still 7th in points, close battle.
8/10/06     10th The car was able to pull down 1st fast in our 1 and only practice on tour rubber and on new tires. Qualifier went ok coming from 7thto finish 4th. Feature we started tenth and ended up in the grass before the line due to train effect checkup. Restarted original order and ran up to 5th but the eventual winner got by putting us in 6th right before the last caution. Restarted 6th, freight trained back to 12th on the cut side & got back to 10th where we finished. Not the best result but it did help points and the car is in one piece - See you next Friday.
8/4/06 4th pole 1st No timing or scoring all day- Lightening strikes took out scoring. Took 2nd from a 4th start in the qualifier. Feature- Started on pole, stretched a good lead from the start, Some where around lap 10 1st caution came out- from that point on the pressure was on with heavy hitters all around and our past champion right beside, for the next couple restarts, and a persistent battle with the points leader near the end with and at the final restart we were walking away with the battle behind to take this seasons 1st win. Also our dare car driven by Rob Lawrence- Won and our competition kart driven by Keith Jones took 1st in his race as well earlier in the week. With all 3 AA Budget Repair sponsored racers. Winning on the same week how could you ask for more! Hopefully we can keep it up.
7/29/06       Rained Out
7/22/06 9th 17th 14th 10th & 6th fastest in practice. Came around in the qualifier, starting 9th, but an out of control car put us in 5th and not wanting to wreck in a qualifier caused us to take 6th. Feature Ed ran from 17th start to 4th, caution came out with 3 to go and same out of control car from qualifier made himself the meat in a 77 99 sandwich. Limped home to 14th with a bent frame.
/7/7/06 4th 6th 17th Friday the 7th started off O.K. 6th fastest and 4th in the qualifier. For the feature we started 6th then on the 2nd lap in 5th- Ed checked up for the cars getting together ahead of him and the cars behind did not. After peeling out of the mess and getting her striaghtend and tires changed Ed got her back to 13th, on the las lap we were blatantly dumped in 1 + 2 but officials saw what happened and we were scored ahead of said dumper in 17th. So much for luck; we will try again next week. Lot's to do-
7/4/06 1st 1st 5th Tuesday 4th of July, on tour mod rubber, our car was the worst it’s been all year. We kept adjusting on it and by qualifier it was pretty good and able to win the heat race. We started on the pole and ran out from for approx 15-20 laps before falling victim to a 4 car train dropping us to 5th where we finished. Much better but still not what we needed. We will keep up the fight on Friday the 7th and hope for this season’s 1st win.
6/30/06 1st 2nd 16th Friday June 30th was another mixed bag with having a top 3 car in speed; winning our qualifying heat race and leading 40 laps of our 100 lap feature when the car started to go away and Ed realized the right rear tire was going down. We had to pit under green flag almost 1 lap down by the time he hit the stall and proceeded to gain almost a full lap back by the end for 16th - good recovery but after leading 40 laps didn't taste very good at all
6/23/06       Rained Out. Our first 100 lap race is this coming Friday; hopefully Mother nature cooperates!
6/16/06 2nd 4th 10th We got a second race in a row in and we had another mixed emotion Friday night. We started off practice very loose and had to make some significant adjustment but brought her around for 2ncd run to 3rd fastest. Qualifier went O. K. coming up for a 2nd place finish. Feature started us in 4th place again and after following the go nowhere battle ahead Ed made an excellent move into the lead and was taken out by a BANZI maneuver by one the just passed competitors that favor us a R.F. flat and damaged nose and to add to the insult "We" got black flagged and sent to the back. Ed ran her back to mid pack and while avoiding another incident coming out of 2, got turned around and knocked about, causing us to start from the back again. Ed did an excellent job bringing it back through the field for a 10th place finish bt it just doesn't taste as sweet after getting the taste of possible Victory.
6/9/06 2nd 4th 7th Well we finally got one in after 4 rain outs in a row. The car went well all day, turning good practice times and ran from 7th to 2nd in the qualifier. In the feature we started 4th and Ed promptly ran to 2nd place before our list of many cautions; which unfortunately we kept getting restarted on the outside shuffling us back well out of the top ten. Ed was able to make an awesome comeback up to a 7th place finish with a damaged car- the front end knocked out. All in all, a good result considering the mayhem that went on during the feature.
6/2/06       Yes, we were rained out again! However the weather finally does look good for next Friday. Once again keep your fingers crossed.
5/26/06       Rained out; that now makes three times in a row. Unfortunately the weather report at this time does not look promising for this Friday. So make sure you keep your fingers crossed for this week!
5/19/06       Rained out (again)...
5/12/06       Rained out...
5/5/06 4th     Our first Friday night show did not come off as well as we had hoped... We were fast for practice and came from 9th to 4th in our heat race, but a mechanical problem prevented us from starting the feature. However, this was the first problem that has cost us a position in over 4 years.
4/30/06 4th 11th 3rd The turnout for 'Spring Sizzler Weekend' was impressive to say the least; even Governor Rell was in attendance and our television coverage moved up to NESN-4PM Saturdays. That makes us available in 4.5 million+ homes weekly! We had a great season opener running top 5 times all day Friday, including the 2nd Fastest on 'Tour Mod Rubber Saturday' and qualified 4th in our heat race. Sunday we were last features, starting 11th. The race was great with constant action and battles on the track. Ed was able to move up through the field to 3rd, holding off a hard charging Ryan Pasaco, for the last couple of laps resulting in our best ever Sizzler finish. In closing thank you all again four your support, rest assured we will do our very best to keep running to the front.

2005 Racing Season

Date Qualified Started Finished Run Down
Fri. 10/2/05 4th 8th 15th Well we went into our fall final with very high hopes. We were able to get up to 3rd fast in friday practice with 21.9's and able to qualify in our heat race - which also meant we never ran a 16/16 all season - good stat. We started the feature in 8th, and we actually moved up to 4th (Even 3rd briefly, but not for a whole lap) when a move of complete disregard dropped us back to dead last. We were able to get back up to 15th, leaving us at 4th in points from a mathematical possibility of 1st, and a real world shot at 2nd. Keeping in mind, as I told Ed and Crew, we've a heck of a run all season, and I couldn't be prouder of the job we all did to make it happen. We are so grateful for our much appreciated sponsors and our loyal following of fans.
Fri. 9/9/05 4th 9th 6th Friday was a mixed bag for us. Just coming back from the frame machine, the car needed some redialing. Every time out, it got better, but we only managed 9th fastest in practice and 4th in the qualifier. Feature time came and we started in 9th. It seemed, as luck would have it, every time we gained a position, a caution would come out and we would lose it. Even with the car not 100%, we still managed 6th place. With the #4 and #3 finishing 1st and 2nd, we are 3rd in points just 2 points behind Tom Butler, and 40 out of first.
Fri. 9/2/05 5th 10th 7th We apologize for being slightly off our performance level friday, we didn't realize until our Thursday night set-up that our frame was bent. We had already had so much to do, there just wasn't time to straighten it out too. We did the best we could to compensate for the affected areas and we were reasonably successful - but it was Band-Aid fixes, not cures. We only managed around 6th fast in practice and finished 5th in our heat race. We started 10th in our feature, and Ed did a great job holding on to her for a 7th place finish still keeping us 2nd in the points, 30 out of 1st.
Fri. 8/26/05 2nd 9th 6th Friday was a tough one! Posted 2nd fast in practice and took a 2nd place in our heat race from 6th place starting position. We finally started a race on the inside from 9th, but that was short lived. First almost 1/2 of the race went relatively smooth and caution free... then the mayhem started. On one restart, Ed had to run outside of Ryan for 4 or 5 laps giving up no ground, and we ended up incurring damage a couple of times - (we have to rebuild both ends of the car this week, ugh) but we still ended up finishing 6th place, moving us up to 2nd in the points.
Fri. 8/19/05 1st 8th 4th This past Friday went very well. Almost tied for 1st fastest with 21.95 in times and we won our 9th heat from 6th place start. We began the feature in 8th, and after more cautions than any other race this year, and much excellent driving on Ed's behalf, we managed to finish fourth, solidifying 3rd place in the points.
Wed. 8/10/05 1st 10th 4th Full Fender Wednesday went well for us being 1st fast in both rounds of practice, and winning our heat race from 6th place starting position. We started the feature in 10th and after numerous good moves by Ed, during a great race in general, we ended up with a 4th place finish, solidifying 3rd place in the points.
Fri. 8/5/05   16th 3rd Friday worked well for us. We had to sit and wait out the rain, but we did get our show in with only one practice (1st fast). No time for heats, qualified by points and handicap inversion with started us in 16th place for the feature. Ed did an excellent job picking up spots and avoiding incidents and accidents, and ending with a 3rd place finish. This moved us up to tied for 3rd in the points as well. This moved us up to the tie for 3rd in the points standings as well.
Fri. 7/29/05 3rd 9th 6th Friday the 29th went ok. We only managed 4th fastest in practice, started 13th in the heat race and brought it up for a 3rd place finish. Feature had us starting 9th, we had many outside restarts for the yellows, the last of which everyone checked up coming out of turn 4 and someone used us a launch pad running over our right rear, bending the rim, axel flange and body. After assessment, we were able to coninue for a 6th place finish. Ed is still 4th in points, 40 out of first.
Sun. 7/24/05   7th 3rd Sunday the 24th, making up the rained out 100 lap race, we were 1st fast in practice and already qualified to start 7th, only our 3rd inside start all year. In short, there were lots of cautions and restarts that didn't always work to our advantage, and after taking the lead with 16 laps to go, a couple of the following cautions contributed to our losing the lead, but we managed a 3rd place finish to back up friday's win. All in all a long hard weekend, but a great one and well worth it.
Fri. 7/22/05 5th 8th 1st Friday the 22nd started well, being 2nd fast in practice, a 5th in the heat race from 8th starting, and ending the night with our 1st Stafford Feature Win!!! It was truly moving to witness the support of all of our loyal fan's (they had to stop people coming to the podium due to the already hundreds of people coming in to congratulate us) and all of the kind and supporting words from our fellow competitors and officials. The race was dedicated in memory of Stormin' Norman Plantier, the Rockville Rocket, who to this day, and I'm sure forever for us is so sorely missed. We know he was along for the ride. We hope we made him proud.
Fri. 7/15/05 5th 4th 7th This past friday was a mixed bag once again. We started off the day with a 2nd fastest in practice and a 5th place in our heat race. We started from 6th in our heat, got shuffled to the rear of the pack, and Ed wisely hung back to let the battles ahead sort themselves out, bringing us up to 5th in the end. We started the feature in 4th, but again the inside train moved us way back before Ed could get in and start working forward. Eventually, he drove his way back to 7th with an outside pass, but only for 1/2 a lap before a caution, which still scored us in 8th. Restart on the outside, again shuffled Ed back, but he fought his way to 8th, only to have a valve train problem with 2 laps to go. Running on 7 cylinders, he only gave up 1 more position for a 9th place. Not bad running on 7.
Sun. 7/3/05 1st 7th 2nd Sunday was our make up for the May 27th tour show, when we got a red flag rain out on lap 15. We restarted the feature in 2nd place, (where we left off) and after some superb battling back and forth and several good restarts, we were able to keep our 2nd place for our first podium finish this year! Hopefully we can keep up this pace and continue getting top 5 finishes - still need that first win.
Fri. 7/1/05 1st 7th   Rained out
Fri. 6/24/05 3rd 8th 5th This past friday went pretty well. We were once again trying new things with the car. Worked well. Practice times were not the greatest, 7th & 9th fastest, but we continued to chase the set up and managed a 3rd place in our heat. Starting in 8th in our feature, we ran up to second place behind Tom Fearn and we were closing in on him. Tom and Ed were way out in front of the pack when, of course, a caution came out. On the restart in 2nd, we only lost on spot, but another caution flew and on the restart, Fearn blew his transmission causing a pile behind, and shuffling us back. Still managed a 5th place finish which has us now tied in points for 5th with Mike Quintiliano.
Fri. 6/17/05 4th 8th 11th Not much to say this week. Only one practice while sizing new tires and trying something different. We missed the set up. 4th in heat, starting from 6th. 11th in feature, starting from 8th, and stuck on the outside for most of the race.
Fri. 6/10/05 4th 10th 4th Our day started off very unimpressive. Struggling with the heat and a severe lack of tires - nothing close to size on the trailer, forcing us to make a set of the best of our remnants. We only managed 7th fastest in practice. We continued to work with her and managed a well driven 4th place finish in our heat race after being shuffled all the way back on the outside from an 8th place start. Feature was a mixed bag with the tires again fading.... a late caution came out with 4 laps to go, ed sitting in 10th on the outside.... with cooled down tires, and a new found grip, Ed did a masterful job driving through the field to a 4th place finish and some of his best racing ever.
Fri. 6/3/05 1st 7th 11th This past friday was not a great one for us - only able to muster 7th fastest in practice, but we were able to win our 4th heat race from a 7th place start. Feature started 7th on the inside for a change, but that only lasted 2 laps. First caution put us on the outside for the restart and we rode the freight train way back in the field. Ed was able to fight back to 7th, but by then our old tires had given up and we finished up in 11th. Better luck and new tires next week.
Fri. 5/27/05 1st 7th 2nd July 3rd update: Sunday was our make up for the May 27th tour show, when we got a red flag rain out on lap 15. We restarted the feature in 2nd place, (where we left off) and after some superb battling back and forth and several good restarts, we were able to keep our 2nd place for our first podium finish this year! Hopefully we can keep up this pace and continue getting top 5 finishes - still need that first win. The 27th started out well... 2nd fastest in practice - keep in mind, extremely different conditions than previously this year. Won our heat race from 7th. 3 out of 6 in the top 3. Started the feature from 4th, back slid a little, but got her back to the front. Lost the lead around lap 12, but looked poised to take it when caution came out on lap 15 - then came the rain and the red flag.... bummer, need 16 laps to make a race. We'll be making it up on Sunday, July 3rd, restarting 2nd. Come on by and see us.
Fri. 5/20/05 1st 4th 5th Well... we almost had the perfect weekend. We topped practice speed again with 21.9's and won our heat race from a 6th place starting position even with an altercation that opened the driver side up like a can opener! We effected our repairs and resets...etc... The crew performed excellent! Thanks to all! And set out for the feature... Started 4th and after the typical outside-row-back-shuffle, Ed worked her up into a very impressive lead for the middle of the race. A caution was thrown (unnecessarily) for a successively recovered spin, and an incident on the restart knocked us back for an eventual 5th place finish. We've moved up to 6th in points.
Fri. 5/13/05 3rd 6th 7th This past friday was another "could have been better, could have been worse" type day. We again posted very fast (2nd on the day) times and ran from the back of the pack to 3rd in the qualifier. We started the feature in 6th, but being on the outside we got shuffled way back before we could get her down and get going. Midway through the race, Ed was running strong making roads on the lead 5. In the end, we were a little off on our setup, allowing another front runner by us, coming in with a 7th place finish in one piece.
Fri. 5/6/05 1st 8th 8th We got her all back together after our bad wreck last week! Many thanks to Bear, Mike and the Auto Authority guys for our quick frame machine service. After a complete front rebuild and reset-up, we were able to top the speed chart in the 2nd practice with a 21.9 lap and consistently were running in that range. We won our heat from an 8th place start! In the feature, we started 8th, but, stuck behind a slower car, ED got shuffled way back in the pack. Fighting through the pack and 2 cautions, we were able to make it back for an 8th place finish in one piece.
Fri. 4/29/05 3rd 7th DNF Run down for this week... Truly an example of extreme high to extreme low...We came from 7th to 3rd in our qualifying heat race. Started 7th for the feature and the car was very fast. Moved up to 3rd when the first caution came out. On the 3rd restart attempt, the car in 2nd place kept jumping the restart. Same said 2nd place car turned left in to our Right Rear Quarter, bending it into our tire and causing us to pit and restart from the rear, and wreckage from behind causing another yellow. After restart, ED charged up to 10th place in 3 LAPS! But then, the 49 and 02 got together causing a wreck that resulted in the 77 hitting the wall in turn 3 and someone's hood in our trunk. It was our fist DNF in over a year. Bummer. Many thanks to Bear and Mike at Auto Authority for the speedy front frame straightening. Hope for the better this weekend.
Sun. 4/24/05   1st 6th We started our race on the pole and lead for 14 laps. A little mishap going into turn 1 allowed Jim Malouganes to get under Ed and lead a 6 car train by finishing 7th, but with Ted Christopher's disqualification, we moved up to 6th.