Our History


In the years that Budget Racing has been around, the team has gone though many changes. We've moved up a class almost every season. We would like to thank our sponsors. Without your support we could not have done it.


Run a full season, continually improve performance, maintain reliability and car stability, better than 10th in points.


Made every race / full seaon, struggled to catch up to the pace of fast competitors, but reliablity and good driving kept us consistant, had 3rd and a 5th and a good string of top 10s that allowed us to finish 10th in points - even though the car was badly wrecked in the 1st lap of the fall final which prevented us from a possible 8th, all in all goals for the season met if not exceeded.


We were only able to run four races during this season. However, considering that we were on different tires than last several seasons and we were adapting into a significantly changed setup, we did very well with two top 10s and the last race had us 9th fastest in feature speeds only 1 1/2 10ths off leader pace - against competitors that in most cases had been running all season.


We ran our first race on our old motor and still managed a 16th place finish from the back of the pack at least three times. We then - with some financial help - got our motor brought up to current spec and proceeded to take four top 10s in a row with the last of those being 6th. Our final Friday night run we had a distributer failure reulting in a DNF.


Started off the Spring Sizzler well, running 7th fastest in practice, qualified well. Looked like we were going to end up with a top 10 finish and got taken out with 4 laps to go. Car was destroyed. Rebuilt both ends of the car. Ran final Friday night show, qualified well, started 18th. 2 laps in got caught up in someone elses wreck, repaired under caution. Came back from the back for a 9th place finish.


Ran 100 lap race only, due to economy and no funding.


'07 season had its highs and its lows. Due to economic reasons, lost some of our primary sponsorship. We had our share of engine issues, unusual from our supplier. Tried many new things setup-wise.


We started our 06 season strong with a 3rd place in the spring sizzler, however with our continually increasing level of competition, car count’s, and other luck factors, etc, we only were able to achieve podium one other time with our win in the 10th race, August 4th, and one other top 5 with a 5th in the 6th race. With numerous top 10’s all season ended us up in a very tight points battle in which we finished 6th in points for the season - all thing considered - not bad at all.


2005! Great Season overall! We had one real bad wreck in the second race that required the frame machine and rebuilds. Otherwise encapsulated by seventeen top 10 finishes, nine top 5 finishes, two 3rd place finishes, one 2nd place finish and Our 1st Late Model WIN! There were only three races we finished out of the top 10 (two 11th places and 15th in our Fall Final) Our last race was the result of being dumped out of 3rd from an 8th place start. Oddly, no cautions came out, even though there were incidents and a hood on the back stretch. Unfortunately, that denied us the ability to be regrouped and possibly get back out front. We finished 4th in points. (from still being in the hunt for the point lead). All in all, we accomplished our goals of top 5 in points and our first win.


Finally got a new car built (see some photos on this site) We paid very careful attention to detail on the build with special thanks to Frank Letina , Brian Melaine, and all who helped Ed and Myself during the build. Ed drove an exceptional race and Mike Pettit built us an excellent motor. We got 3rd, 4th, 5th place finishes, several top tens and all but two were top fifteen finishes. We made every race and no DNF’s resulting in a 7th place in points. Ed finished 7th in points and won most improved driver of the year for 2004!


2003 was a very mixed bag for us as racing often is with a very promising start, several top 5 and top 10 finishes, highlighted by a 3rd place podium finish and remained 5th in the points until race 10. But then the bad luck started with wrecks and chassis related dilemmas, loss of handicap by not being able to repair a bent chassis quickly enough to return for a tuesday rain date make-up race. In the last few races we were able to have some strong runs and finished 16th in points out of 52 drivers.


Our 2002 Stafford late model season had its ups and downs as with many things, we were consistently faster and improving throughout the season recording two 4th place and one 8th place finish as well as many just outside the top 10. As always we continued to learn in our strive to continually move forward. Our first season with our Pettit race engine had no complaints with power & our tutelage from Norm Plantier for chassis set up all continued to help us move forward throughout the season.


Definitely more competitive and stronger. Motor trouble in 2nd half of season set us back. Out of 48 drivers finished 18th in points.


Jumped to Stafford Motor Speedway in a Late Model, which was a very tough decision. Our first season was a learning experience with many hardships, which only made us a stronger team for the next season.


Sportsman Division at Riverside, overall 14th in rookie year.


Super Stock Division at Riverside placed 3rd in points.


Enduro Racing including the old left and right at Stafford Speedway, heats win at Waterford Speed Bowl and some figure eight wins also placed well at Riverside Park Speedway.